Lifestyle Furniture since 1978

About us

Who we are

We are a team of professionals, designers and craftsmen focused on producing high quality furniture with you in mind.  An innovative approach to production methods, proven craftsmanship and creative curiosity are the driving force behind our company success story. Our mission today is keeping up with current trends while preserving the Scandinavian quality of our craft. 


Our designers 

Nørgaard Design is one of the design studios we work with. It has its roots in the tradition of Scandinavian Design that balances aesthetics and functionality. By combining these values, Anders and his team creates design that can easily be integrated into various lifestyle and usage situations, while not compromising on the expression of detail and the functionality of the product.

Our dynamic foam technology

The secret of KEBE unique comfort is our dynamic foam which is a particularly durable material used in making all of our products. Our dynamic foam contains really small air pockets, like tiny bubbles within its denser structure, which allows for just the right amount of firmness.

That is what provides lasting comfort for you, from the first day you get your chair and for many years to come. Our expertise with premium upholstery assures that what you get is a first class quality product.



Long history of craftsmanship

Our history goes back a long way and creative craftsmanship has always been our hallmark. Even back in the early 1900s, we were already the leading specialists in spring inserts for upholstered furniture and mattresses.

We adopted our current name in the 1970s, and since then we have specialized in our trademark products – simple, modern upholstered furniture. Today, we take care of the entire development and production process at our own factory in Poland, where a full team of highly specialized product development experts works closely with international designers.



Seit der Herstellung unseres ersten Stuhls im Jahr 1978 haben wir hart daran gearbeitet, neue Wege zu finden, um bessere Produkte herzustellen, die länger halten.